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Discover our process step-by-step from sketching to fabricating. 

​Lombardo Iron & Railing Company

We are a family ran iron works business located in Orange, NJ. Owner Joe Lombardo (left) and son Paul Lombardo (right ) work alongside one another approaching each job with a combined 40+ years of expertise. Specializing in: 

           At the age of 16, not long after arriving from Sicily, Owner Joe Lombardo worked as an apprentice Iron Worker and learned the trade of Iron Work. Within that time he honed his passion for the craft and discovered the true creative freedom within it. After mastering his apprenticeship he decided to open his own shop in Orange, NJ, and create Lombardo Iron & Railing LLC. Now, over 40 years later he continues to have as much passion as when he first started. 

           In 2013 a new addition was made to Lombardo Iron & Railing, owner Joe Lombardo's son, Paul Lombardo; an artisan with a keen eye for detail and an immense commitment to revitalizing old world craftsmanship by using centuries old techniques and innovative solutions to insure that their work stands the test of time. 

            ​Together Lombardo Iron & Railing strive to provide their customers with the highest quality of custom wrought iron products that suites their individual needs.

           "We believe our work is only as great as our passion and attention to detail and we are committed to continually uplifting our standards for which we hold our work against. This has been our formula for success all these years and for years to come." - Joe Lombardo

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